10-Inch Scooter Inner Tube 2 PCs
FO-RIDE 10-Inch Scooter Inner Tube, Electric Scooter Tire 10X2.0/2.125/2.25/2.50 Inner Tube, Thickened Tire Tube Replacement for Scooter Package include ;2pcs x Inner Tube(only) ,Mainly used for electric scooters, balance cars, wheelchairs and so on.10X2.0/2.125/2.25/2.50 Mainly used for electric scooters, balance cars, wheelchairs and so on. 10X2.0/2.125/2.25/2.50 . Thick butyl rubber material, more durable and long service life. Provide great traction for riding on dry and wet terrain. The Replacement inner tire is extremely convenient and easy to install and detach. Material: Butyl rubber
Description :ThrottleApprovals : RoHSWaterproof : IPX5Size : L160mm W11mm H85mmWeight : 260gWiring : 8 core wiringMaterials : LEDPower : Working Voltage 30-70V;Output Voltage 0.8-4.2VThe meter shows speed, mileage, power, headlamp, gear, voltage, total mileage, km, mile.
#18mm S Series Scooter Wrench
Brake pads ( 8 pcs )
Electric Scooter Charger 1.5A
36v/48v/scooter motor 350w500w600w800w1000w
FO-RIDE E-Scooter Tire 10 in (2 pcs)
TODIMART Electric Scooter Tire, 255X80 Off-Road Snow Tire, Wear-Resistant, and Non-Slip Surface, Strong Grip, Suitable for Various Roads in Bad Weather Electric Scooter Tires ★ The anti-skidding pattern makes it can be used on snowy and rainy days. ★ Using high-quality rubber materials can make the best combination of various raw materials, thereby extending the life of the tire. It has excellent grip, anti-slip and abrasion resistance, explosion-proof pressure resistance, lightweight and durable while reducing rolling resistance with a rubber grooved surface. Guaranteed beautiful. ★ Inflatable inner and outer tires have better-cushioning capacity and impact resistance than solid tires. At the same time, they have good flexibility and can provide you with maximum safety protection. ★ Thick tires can provide good impact resistance and cushioning capacity. Butyl rubber inner tube has good air tightness, heat resistance, aging resistance, and good chemical resistance. Electrical insulation performance and long service life provide maximum protection...
E202 scooter parts waterproof main cable
S-scooter meter display
Screws on the folding structure of the scooter
Quantity: 3 sets Weight: 10g/pc Color: Nickel
S-scooter rear fender bracket
S series rear fender
Front light headlight
S-scooter throttle
S-scooter charging port
S-scooter front light
S-scooter brake disc (x2 pcs)
S-scooter single drive controller
bicycle rear view mirror
S-scooter brake pads (x2 pairs)
Switches for lights and horns
JOYOR Y-S Scooter 48V Charger
10 inch Solid tire for JOYOR S5/S8/S10
S-scooter hydraulic brakes ( a pair)
S-scooter stopper
S-scooter main cable
S-scooter dual drive controller
The RIM of 1000W motor
Charging port